Lviv National Literary Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko — Franko House — is an institution
that preserves the memory, researches the life and creative work, interprets and promotes the figure of
Ivan Franko.
Areas of the museum activity:
– preservation of the memorial complex: the house that was built by Ivan Franko and where he and
his family lived;
– exposition activity: creation and demonstration of memorial and literary expositions, which
reproduce the working and living environment of the writer during his stay in the house;
– cultural and educational activities: excursions, travelling exhibitions, public lectures, thematic
meetings with famous people, conferences, workshops;
– research work: methodical development of excursions and expositions; publication of scientific
articles, monographs, booklets, guides; work on the publication of the “Ivan Franko Museum in Lviv
Scientific Bulletin”;
– fund work: research of museum collections, their description and cataloging; digitization of
exhibits, documents and photos; updating of the stock collection
Work schedule: daily 10.00-17.00
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