The history of the first Gallery of Scenography in Ukraine began in 2016. Oleg Oneshchak (actor of the Lviv Academic Theater named after Lesya Kurbas, director, teacher) and Julia Hlushko (manager of cultural projects) created “Children’s Center for Contemporary Art “AGOV” – children’s art space of theatrical art.

In September 2016, the first scenographic exhibition of Bohdan and Olena Polishchuk (artists, screenwriters, costume designers) was organized in the “AGOV” space. This event attracted the attention of people and was the push for the reorganization of space. The main idea was to show the work of artists who work and create scenography and costumes for theatrical performances in Ukraine.

In 2018 were organized the first scenography festival in Ukraine called “Lviv Quadrenniale of Scenography. Preview” with the support of the Lviv City Council and the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

A year later, in 2019, gallery has organized a competition for young artists. “In general our gallery has educational character, we want to give young artists chance to demonstrate their works. Scenography is changing and is so alive” said Julia Hlushko, co-founder of  the Gallery of Scenography.

Today Gallery of Scenography is located in Lesia Ukrainka Drama Theater (st. Horodotska 36) 

Work schedule: tu-sun, 14.00-19.00
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