What is the City Museum?
The City Museum (Muzei Mista = MuMi) is a space of temporary exhibitions, a platform for communication with residents and understanding of the city in general.
The museum does not have a permanent exposition or its own funds, and the main objects of research are the city and its residents. Subsequently, the MuMi team brings together museum workers, curators, researchers, residents and guests of the city, who together prepare new exhibitions and educational programs.
Who will be interested in the City Museum?
Residents of the city may not only visit the museum, but also become co-creators of MuMi exhibitions. Exhibits can be both collections of various museums and personal belongings of citizens, and their memories – the basis of the entire exhibition.
MuMi will also be of interest to guests of the city, as it tackles the current issues that relate to both the past and the present. The exhibitions combine topics related to culture, history, sociology, psychology, urban planning, etc. The museum will help to learn about the local environment of the city and give a possibility to compare it with your own urban experience.
What’s going on at the museum now?
Since December 2020, The Laboratory of Childhood project has been in the works. Thanks to digital and analog technologies, visitors can share their stories, memories, photographs and objects, which will later become part of the first exhibition of the museum “The Hero’s Journey. The Last Week of Summer”.
Detailed information about the project here:
Address: Rynok Sq., 1
Work schedule: Tue-Sun, 11:00-18:00
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