“Wandering in oneself”

The second project of the Center of Intellectual Art Mercury is focused on human introspection (self-observation). At the exhibition, for the first time in 80 years, viewers can see significant works of Ukrainian modernism that the Center returned from the USA.

The exhibition also features rebellious works by Mykola Trehub and Woodon Baklytsky, representatives of the Kyivan underground. The Calmness and Alienation hall offers an opportunity to be alone, to distance oneself from the noise, and to find peace among abstract works.

Visitors will get a chance to see the works of contemporary Ukrainian artists Tereza Barabash and Yaryna Shumska, whose projects have been previously exhibited at European venues; in Ukraine, they are shown for the first time.

More details: ciamercury.com

Work schedule: Tue-Sun, 12:00-20:00
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