PM Gallery is a space of contemporary art in Lviv. Founded in 2019 on a privat initiative. It is a dynamic art center in Lviv, which combines the possibilities of a modern exhibition space, a starting point for the careers of young artists and an important location for connoisseurs and collectors of art.

By choosing the time interval PM (from the Latin – post meridiem – afternoon) as one of the options for interpreting the name of the space, the founders seek to emphasize the importance of each individual element of the system. And by creating unexpected combinations of works of art, they invite visitors to interact with the new art space in general and each object in particular.

Address: Kopernik, 17
Work schedule: mon-fri 10.00-19.00, sut 10.00-17.00, sun 12.00-17.00
Підписатися на новини

Підписатися на новини

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