Johann Georg Pinsel Museum is located in the former Church of Poor Clares.
The exposition of the museum acquaints the spectator with the works of Johann Georg Pinsel, the great Baroque-Rococo sculptor, the founder of the Lviv Baroque School of Carving, as well as with the most significant monuments of Lviv sculpture of its heyday in the 1750s and 1760s.
Very little is known about the identity of the master. His origin, date of birth, place of study, and circumstances of his appearance in Galicia remain unknown. Pinsel made sculptures for the town hall and the Church of the Assumption in Buchach (1750), 5 altars for the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Horodenka town (the early 1750s), and sculptures for altars in the town of Monastyryska (1745–1760). In the second half of the 1750s, the sculptor worked in Lviv on the altars in the Trinitarian Church, the St. Martin’s Church, and the St. George’s Cathedral. In the village of Hodovytsia, near Lviv, in 1758, he created the Hodovytsia Altar, which is considered to be the highest achievement of the master.
Johann Georg Pinsel became the creator of the unique style of carving, which gave rise to a whole school of his followers. In Galicia, after the death of the master, a cohort of sculptors considered to be his students was formed, in particular Petro Poleiovskyi, Mykhailo Filevych, Francisk Olenskyi, and others. They were the best representatives of the Lviv school of Baroque sculpture of the period of its heyday.
Work schedule: Tue-Wed 10:00–16:00 Thu-Sun 10:00–17:00 Closed on Mondays The ticket office closes 30 min. before closing time
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