HotArtHall is the first gallery in Lviv designed to exhibit artistic debuts, namely to embody the ideas of debuting authors of visual, audio and multimedia art.
The idea of ​​creating an exhibition gallery in the Palace arose in the process of developing a strategy for the development of the institution until 2025. We involved cultural managers of Lviv, partners from Lublin, representatives of cultural and creative industries, business and city authorities in the discussions. The purpose of the exhibition space is to solve several problems. In particular, to return to historical justice, ie functionalism in the interior of the Palace, which was lost after the perestroika of the 80s. In addition, the emergence of a modern gallery has allowed the Palace’s management to finally say “yes” to artists who apply for exhibitions.
Work schedule: daily, 10:00-22:00
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Підписатися на новини

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