In my works I like to resort to minimalism, leaving space for the viewer, thus increasing the emphasis on the characters and their emotions.

My paintings are about us, about people, about the state we are in, about body language.

Emotion is a very strong feeling that carries a lot of unspoken. In the series of works “MOMENTS” I want to give the viewer the opportunity to reflect on the characters in the paintings, where you can come up with your own story, who he / she is, what he / she does, what is around, what emotions he / she feels?

I never know what will inspire me for a new canvas, but I know for sure that it may be the most common little thing we are unlikely to pay attention to.

For me, a painting is not just a paint on a canvas, it is something more, something that comes to life in your imagination and whirls with its own life.

More details:

Work schedule: sut, 10.00-17.00
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